how to secure your iPhone from hackers

If you own an iPhone, at some point or other, you must have wondered if your phone is secured and if not how to secure your iPhone from hackers. With the number of features that come with an iPhone and the way people are using it for all their online activities, this Apple creation has become one of the most enticing targets for the hackers who make use of different malicious tools to hack your phone and steal your data.

How To Secure Your iPhone From Hackers

In order to safeguard your iPhone for malevolent intruders, here are a few tips for iPhone apps security and improve iPhone security features:

  1. Use the lock feature

To improve the security of your iPhone, use the lock feature. You can use a password or pattern to unlock the phone. Or at least set your phone screen to lock itself after a few minutes of inoperativeness. It would be easier to stop unwanted people from accessing your iPhone in case it has been stolen or lost. It would be better if you use at least six-digit passcode.

how to secure your iPhone from hackers

  1. Disable the connectivity features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and location-based services

When you are not using connectivity services like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and so on, just disable them. If your iPhone is constantly open to connection with any available Wi-Fi or Bluetooth features, it can allow the unwanted parties to get access to your iPhone without you knowing about it.

  1. Use apps to secure your iPhone

There are many security apps from trusted sources that can help you strengthen the security of your iPhone. Every app serves different purposes. There are apps that can keep your messages safe from prying eyes, or help you locate your stolen or lost phone. There are also anti-virus apps that can protect your iPhone from viruses, malware, spyware, and so on.

  1. Do not click on every link

You must be careful when you are browsing the internet. Just do not open any website as it can be harmful to your iPhone security. In addition, whenever you receive any message with an attached file or link, do not open it as might be carrying potentially harmful content with it. Check the source of the message before taking any further step.

  1. Regularly update your iOS

To secure your iPhone from outside threats, always keep your iPhone updated. In order to make sure that your iPhone is always secure against the everyday hacking threats, always use the iOS with latest features. Hackers can find loopholes in the coding system of Apple and use it to their own advantage to gain access to your confidential information. New and updated iOS might be able to tackle those loopholes and hence increase the security of your iPhone.


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