iPhone Vs. Samsung

Samsung and Apple are two major players in the smartphone industry and have long been engaging into a war of who is better with Samsung often delivering the better Android-based options as compared to Apple. As the two continue to fight for the top position, let’s have a look at the main differences between Samsung Galaxy S9 and Apple’s iPhone, and see when it comes to iPhone Vs. Samsung which is better:

iPhone X vs. Samsung S9


iPhone Vs. Samsung

Both Galaxy S9 and iPhone X have the OLED screen with 5.8-inches. However, Samsung S9 display comes with a higher-resolution of 2960 x 1440, and iPhone X comes with a resolution of 2436 x 1125. While both the screens can show HDR content from apps like Netflix, only Samsung Galaxy S9 can display Amazon Prime and YouTube HDR content.

In addition, the displays from both Samsung and Apple devices are magnificent and some of the best in the market. Though Samsung Galaxy S9 display offers color vivacity and saturation, and Apple iPhone X offers more comfortable and easy viewing for the viewers’ eyes.


When it comes to Samsung S9 vs. iPhone X camera features, Apple iPhone X has an immediate advantage over Samsung Galaxy. Apple offers a dual rear camera system with 2x optical zoom setting. But that is not the case with Galaxy S9.

On the other hand, while iPhone X camera offers a stellar performance with 4K video recording and slow-motion feature with 240fps, Samsung camera gives you high quality low light images as compared to Apple’s camera and that too with top 4k video recording and slow-motion at 960fps.


Apple iPhone X design can be considered as slightly more attractive and fresh as compared to Samsung Galaxy S9 as it is very much similar to Galaxy S8. However, both the devices are leaders in their own way.

As Samsung has the curved edges with creative display putting out of 16:9, the display design appears to be less bordered from the side as compared to iPhone X. Apple has focused on reducing the bezel, creating a fresh design, and setting a new trend and Samsung has stuck with old style bezels on top and bottom. Also, Apple iPhone is made with stainless steel and glass, and Samsung S9 has been built with aluminum and glass.  It makes the iPhone feel heavy while S9 feels lighter and more comfortable.

Storage Capacity

When it comes to Apple vs. Samsung comparison in storage capacity, the Samsung Galaxy S9 offers three storage options including 64GB, 120GB, and 256GB and it can be extended up to 400GB using expandable storage options. On the other hand, the iPhone X only provides with 64GB and 256GB options with no SD card slot.


The iPhone X has the most recent version of Apple’s operating system, iOS 11. It offers a little bit different side of user interaction where you just have to swipe the screen in order to avoid a requirement for a home button. Basically, iPhone X is smooth and fast. The Samsung Galaxy S9 has Android Oreo along with Samsung Experience UX. This gives an entirely new appearance to Android while also keeping its main functions.

However, when it comes to updating the software, Samsung’s Android updating is not as slick and smooth as Apple’s iOS 11 updating, despite being a very slight difference in the functioning of both the software.


iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9 are two excellent handsets from the two strong industry leaders. While the introduction of iPhone X has been a big step for Apple, Galaxy S9 has simply been more of an update from the previous version and still is a great phone. Both the phones have their strong points, and there are some differences which makes one better than the other based on different points of comparison. In the end, it depends upon the customers, based on what they want, what kind of features they are looking for, which is their favorite brand, and what is their budget.


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