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This is the first personal theatre designed with light weight portability, rich audio and amazing video. It allows the user to see their content with detail everywhere.







Sleek Design


Avegant Glyph is designed sophisticated and elegant look. The streamlined design portrays extra-ordinary capabilities at a glance. The media wear delivers audio and videos in a familiar form with mobility. This is better than head mounted displays.


avegant glyph
avegant glyph







The Avegant Glyph creates natural site without a screen. Avegant employs Retinal Imaging Technology. This uses advanced optics and microscopic mirrors to projects images directly to the eyes. This is more like seeing than watching.


avegant glyph
avegant glyph





Life like images


Images form Avegant Glyph are vivid and immediate. It enhances visual content dramatically. It allows the user to explore new media like a 360 degree video.







Eye adjustment


This Glyph can accommodate a wide range of eyeglass notifications. They can deliver optimal image quality for effortless extended viewing without glasses.


avegant glyph
avegant glyph





Video formats


Avegant Glyph allows the user to enjoy any HD content. This ranges from TV shows, videos, movies, games and more. The content is delivered in 360 degrees with full head tracking.







External media


It provides a HDMI input which works nearly with all media. The user can connect their smartphones, tablets, game consoles, laptops, drone transmitters, streaming media players and more. Avegant Glyph provides a new visual experience.

avegant glyph
avegant glyph


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