How To Stop Capitalizing LG G5 Smartphone

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Underneath we’ll get into a portion of the arrangements on How To Stop Capitalizing LG G5 Smartphone.

Capitalizing LG G5



Stop Capitalizing LG G5



For all the users of LG G5 smart phone it is very important to know how to stop capitalization of words which may arise due to the auto correct option hence you must be able to solve this problem. Here, we will help you out.



Switch on the LG G5.


Go to any of the screen that shows the keyboard.


Near go to the left Space Bar select and hold the Dictation Key.


Then select on the Settings gear option.


Below there is a section that says Smart Typing, select on Predictive Text and disable it.


Another option is to disable different settings like auto-capitalization and punctuation marks


By following the above steps you can easily get rid of the capitalization of the words.







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