iPhone Xs Max

Apple iPhone Xs Max is a plus size version of the insanely popular iPhone Xs. Being an Apple flagship device the phone is great in terms of performance and speed. Apple devices are undoubtedly the best in terms of both performances as well as looks. The camera which is again the specialty of iPhones is much better on the X’s Max than any other previous iPhone model. You can capture amazing crystal clearing pictures and extra slow videos using the pair of cameras provided at the back. The X’s Max became even better with the release of IOS 12 as most of the recent bugs are now fixed. However, it still lacks some features like the headphone jack and is also really expensive. Let’s dig a bit deeper and have a brief look at the pros and cons of the Apple iPhone Xs Max.



iPhone Xs Max

The X’s Max is exactly similar in terms of looks and displays to the iPhone Xs. However, the display just got bigger on the X’s Max. The X’s max comes with a huge 6.5-inch bezel-less display. It is designed for all those who love to carry plus size devices. The 6.5 inch OLED display of the X’s max can be used to enjoy high-quality videos. The photos and videos look real with bright and lively colors thanks to the Super Retina technology. The display on the iPhone Xs Max looks a lot better and gorgeous than even the most advanced Android devices. Overall X’s max features best in the class display which is never going to disappoint you at any cost.

Build quality and design

Almost all the Apple devices look very premium so is the X’s Max. The build quality of the phone is superb. It is now more resistant to water and dust than any other previous iPhones. The back glass is reportedly much tougher than the iPhone X, and hopefully, it will last for a long time. The phone is also equipped with super durable front glass.

The metal body of the phone is scratch resistant. Apple has also matched the side frame color to its back panel which looks beautiful. The phone is absolutely beautiful, and anyone could easily fall in love with it.


Apple devices are known for their extraordinary cameras. However, phones like Galaxy Note 9 and Pixel 2 suppressed Apple as their cameras are a lot better. But with the release of the Xs and Xs Max Apple has again captured the top place when talking about camera and picture quality.

The X’s Max is equipped with 12 MP dual back cameras with wide angle lens. The front-facing camera is true depth 7 MP which is again very good. Don’t compare the iPhone camera pixels with Android phones as Apple uses an entirely different technology. The photos on the Xs Max look alive with great contrast and brightness. Images also show a better dynamic range and low light photography is amazing.

The phone can also record high clarity videos with actual colors or you can capture extra slow motion videos using it.


With A12 bionic chip Apple has set a standard in terms of mobile performance. The Xs Max is powered by 4 GB of RAM, quad-core GPU and Embedded M12 motion coprocessor for seamless performance. You are never going to experience even a single lag using it. It can handle bulk and bulk of data in a matter of seconds, and I don’t think any other mobile will be able to beat the Xs Max in this field.


Battery life and charging time

The batteries on the iPhones are mostly small in capacity. So is the 3174 mAH battery of the Xs Max. Nowadays smartphones come with extra durable battery with up to 5000 mAH capacity. This makes the X’s Max battery looks smaller. The Xs Max consumes a lot of power because of its huge 6.5-inch high clarity display, and thus the battery could be better on the latest Apple device.

Another problem with the battery is that it takes a very long time to get fully charged as no fast charger is provided. This is again a disadvantage of buying an Xs Max.

Headphone jack

Apple has removed the headphone jack on some of its new phones including the Xs Max to make it slimmer. The absence of universal 3.5 jack is definitely a big problem for music lovers as carrying a wireless headset everytime is not possible.

Really expensive

The flagship phones of Apples are always expensive however some says that the Xs and Xs are overpriced. Even the lowest 64 GB version of the device will cost you more than $1000, and the price goes higher with the storage capacity.


No doubt Xs Max is beautiful and best performing smartphone money can buy. The phone is made to be the best in almost every aspect. However, it still lacks some necessary features like a headphone jack. The battery is also not that good if you will compare it to the latest Android devices. The price is really high but you can still go for it if you can manage and surely you will never be disappointed.


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