hidden features of iOS 12

Apple has released the latest version of IOS operating system a few months back known as IOS 12. It is released as a major update with lots of new and advanced features. It also fixes bugs like battery and stability issues which were present in the earlier version of the OS. Battery life is always an issue with the iPhones. However it is said by Apple that iOS 12 will also increase the battery backup time.

iOS 12 is supported by all the iPhones starting from the Apple iPhone 5s. If you are planning to update to iOS 12 or have already updated your iPhone or iPad, you must be curious to know more about it. I mean the hidden tips or tricks of Apple’s latest operating system. Yes, there are many useful features which are hidden in the iOS 12. You can use these hidden features of iOS 12 to customize your iPhone and make things a bit easier.

Here are some useful tips and tricks of iOS 12

Creating your Memoji

hidden features of iOS 12

If you have an Apple device which comes with trueDepth camera technology you can make your own Memoji and can send it to your near and dear ones. IOS 12 comes with the ability to allow users to create their own customized Animoji known as Memoji. The Memoji option is available in the app drawer within the iMessage window. You can use it to create a 30-second video. Just tap the record button, and it will start recording now you can share it using the iMessage conversation.

You can choose from a wide variety of hairstyles, eye colors and more. Memoji works by recording your face muscle movement which is converted into an animated video.

Automatic downloads

Apple has added a new utility feature in the iOS 12 which is automatic download. Automatic download feature starts downloading the update as soon as it is made available by Apple and if you are connected to a WiFi network. This is very useful as the update file gets downloaded itself. You just need to agree to Apple terms and condition and then tap install to install it. Automatic download option is on by default, however, you can switch it off if you want. Just go to settings, general and then tap on software update. Here you will find an automatic download option. Now you can switch it off or on.


Screentime is another new feature of the iOS 12. It allows you to place limits of the device usage and thus help in cultivating healthy habits. It protects the user from overusing their iPhone or iPad. Using this feature, you can analyze how you are spending time or using your iPhone or iPad including the apps you are using the most.

Screentime option is present in settings. You can simply go to settings and tap on screentime and can check your daily or weekly mobile usage records. Advanced options like downtime and App limits are also present within it, and you can switch it on or off as per your choice.

Enabling password autofill

hidden features of iOS 12


The password management system of the iOS 12 is easy and fast. It generates really strong passwords. However in order to use it make sure it is turned on. Password autofill can be found in the Settings tab. Just head to settings. Now click on Password and Account option. Here you will find password autofill option, switch it on.

iCloud syncing for voice recording

You can record voice memos and can sync it with your iCloud account so that it can be used on any other Apple devices including Mac powered Apple laptops on the iOS 12. This is a great feature which is absent in the earlier versions of the Apple Operating system.

Here is how you can enable the voice memo syncing option

  • Head to settings
  • Now tap on the iCloud option which is present at the very top.
  • Click on iCloud and then scroll down until you find Voice Memo option.
  • Switch it on.

This will preserve all your voice recording safely in the Apple’s secure server.

hidden features of iOS 12

Managing your notifications

If you are annoyed by random notifications or spam mails, not to worry as the iOS 12 comes with a new notification management system. Now can manage the notifications just the way you want. The next time when you get a notification from an app which you don’t want to see you can simply turn it off. Just swipe the notification halfway and click on the manage button. Now you can mute notifications from that particular app or can completely disable it as per your choice.

Wrapping up

So now you have learned about some of the hidden features of iOS 12. These small tips and tricks of iOS 12 can make your mobile experience more easier as well as comfortable.


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