HTC one M8 secrets

HTC One M8 has created a major buzz in the smartphone sector. It is indeed one of the feature-rich smartphones. HTC one M8 is giving major competition to high-end devices. The phone has a sleek design and excellent hardware. The wide angled camera is making it exceptionally amazing. However, there is much more associated with the phone. It has some really cool features hidden inside it. Read along to find all HTC one M8 secrets. These are:

Customizing Home Page

HTC one M8 hidden menu will help you in customizing the layout of your home screen. You can certainly add, remove and edit your home screen. Making a pinching gesture in the screen will lead you to the secret menu. You can change wallpapers or edit widgets.

Changing the Launcher

Well, yes, it is one of the HTC One M8 features. Changing launchers have been one of the most loved features of android lovers. HTC made it even simple. You can customize the entire look of your HTC smartphone. You can install various launchers from the play store. You will find a list of all the launchers, and you may activate any launcher of your choice. Switching back to the original launcher requires a little deep digging in the smartphone setting.


This is one of the most interest features of the smartphone. Most smartphones come with features like motion gestures these days. Such features help you in accessing all your important apps very easily. You just need to set gestures in your mobile setting. When you are done with the setting, you start using them as per your convenience.

Quick Google Now

HTC one M8 secrets

Sliding up the home button will give you quick access to the google now. Google now has great inbuilt features. It helps in accessing data related to web search, location, and other essential aspects.

Customizing Quick Setting

Quick Setting is the setting options that appear in the drop-down menu. You can certainly edit the quick setting. You can put in all the options that are not really useful to you. HTC One M8 offers a wide variety of setting options for you. So, you can head to the setting of your phone and customize the quick setting panel. Add everything you feel is worth space.

Changing Themes

This is one of the most common features of all the smartphone. But, it can definitely change the entire look of your smartphone. You can even install 3rd party themes to make your smartphone look even more compelling.

Fast Camera Access

Missing out on a beautiful view because you were not able to open your camera time? Well, HTC solves that for you. It has an amazing camera shortcut that lets you capture every serene view. Slightly long press on the volume up button will take you to the camera. You can click pictures by hitting the volume down button twice.

These were some of the really cool features associated with the HTC One M8. This will definitely give you the best smartphone experience.


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