How To Unlock iPhone From A Previous Owner’s Apple ID

Before buying a used iPhone from someone else, one needs to make sure the phone is unlocked. Because if the phone is signed in to the previous owner’s Apple ID, it is impossible to use anymore by someone else. The security system of Apple is impossible to break. So, before purchasing a second hand iPhone, you need to unlock the phone first using the previous owner’s Apple ID. Here are the procedures following which you’ll get to know how to unlock your iPhone.

Steps to Unlock iPhone From A Previous Owner’s Apple ID

1. Activating iPhone/iPad

At the time of purchasing a secondhand phone, you have to activate it using your own Apple ID and for this, you need to remove the previous owner’s Apple ID first. This is an important feature of iPhone. Without activating the phone one won’t ever be able to use the phone.

At the time of setting up the phone, you may see some instructions for activating iPhone option.

The previous owner needs to log in to his Apple ID and remove the particular device from his list. He can also do it remotely. He needs to follow the instructions given below:

  • The first owner needs to sign in to his iCloud account with his Apple ID.
  • Use Find my phone on iCloud.
  • Click on Find iPhone.
  • The owner has to select the device he wants to sell and remove it from the list using the key, Remove from the account.

How To Unlock iPhone From A Previous Owner’s Apple ID

2. Find my iPhone

The activation lock may remain turn on using the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature. You can check this by visiting You need to enter your IMEI or Serial Number here. To get the IMEI of Serial Number you have to go to:

Settings -> General -> About (Here you’ll get the IMEI number and Serial Number)

In this link, you’ll get to know about the activation lock. It may remain disabled or activated. If activation lock is on, you have to ask the first owner to erase that from your device.

The seller has to follow the following instructions to erase them:

  • Go to the Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Click on Reset option where you’ll get another option to erase all content.
  • Tap on Erase All Content and Settings

During this setup, you may need to enter the previous owner’s Apple ID information. So, make sure while doing this the previous owner of the phone is with you. If he is not with you, he can also do the task remotely. Ask him to remove the lock from his iCloud.

So, before purchasing the phone, you have to be sincere about it. If the person is not trustworthy then don’t let him go without these setup. There are lots of people who can scam you.


3. Forgetting Apple ID issue

If the first owner forgets his Apple ID and password, it may be harder for one to unlock the phone, but there is nothing to worry. There are several ways following which he can get is Apple ID password back again. In this situation he has to follow these instructions:

  • At first, you have to try to reset your Apple ID by using reset your Apple ID button on the phone.
  • If resetting option doesn’t work for some reason, the seller has to contact with the Apple Customer Care, they are always ready to help their users. The seller needs to have all the proofs to make them understand that he is the real owner of the iPhone. By providing the required information to the Apple Customer Care center, they will unlock the phone remotely. Only then the seller can reset his phone using the instructions described above.

Remember one thing; don’t be too speedy before buying a used iPhone. You may regret later for a small mistake. So, act wise and complete the entire tasks. Have a happy journey with the world’s best Smartphone brand.


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