how to stop software update on Mac

If you are wondering that how to stop software update on Mac, you have landed at the right page. This article is all about that and we have explained here all the easy and possible ways to get rid of the upgrade notification. Keeping the MacBook updated is always good. But, what if that upgrade break down the workflow on your system and proves to be a wrong decision. You will get plenty of software upgrade notification on your Mac every now and then. And if you accidentally press the start button, it can lead to a big issue. So, it’s always good to shut off this upgrade notification option rather than dismissing it while the pop up shows off.

We have explained three ways to stop upgrade notification on MacOS. So, have a read.

How to stop software update on Mac

Method 1: Stop the automatic updates

  • Go to the Mac menu and open system preference
  • Here look for the software update option and scroll to the bottom part. You will notice an option there called ‘Automatically keep my Mac up-to-date’. Uncheck that dialogue box.
  • Next, tap on the Advanced option right next to that. Uncheck the box that says ‘Check for updates’. It will keep everything gray out. Also, uncheck all other options that say for automatic updates.


Method 2: From the App store

If you are wondering that how to get rid of app store update notification on Mac this is the method to check out for that.

  • Open System Preferences on your MacBook.
  • Select the App store option.
  • Here you will see several options which have to be unchecked to stop the automatic download of updates in the background. Here you need to uncheck the option that says ‘download newly available updates in the background’. Also, uncheck the option ‘Install app updates’ and ‘install MacOS updates’.
  • But you can keep the option checked for ‘security updates’. That’s it. You have now successfully stopped the app store update notification.


Method 3: Stop it in the Finder

  • First, go to Finder > Go and tap on the bottom-most option ‘Go to Folder’.
  • As you tap on that option, it will bring a text box.
  • You need to write something there. Wondering what to write? ‘/Library/Bundles/’ is the statement that you need to copy and paste in that box.
  • Next, inside that folder, you will see a bundle called ‘OSXNotification.bundle’. What you need to do now is remove that file from there and paste it to somewhere else. Done! You have successfully stopped the Mac update notification.

how to stop software update on Mac

Method 4: Hardcore method

If you are interested to turn off the MacOS upgrade notification using the Terminal command, read this method carefully. This method is very quick but ensure to do it the right way.

  • First, open the terminal command on your Mac.
  • Next, you need to write a command there. sudobundle ~ /Documents— This is the command you need to copy and paste it there.
  • Enter the admin password then when asked for it. Restart your Mac and you are done with the process.

So, these are the four easy ways to stop update notification on your MacOS. Use any of the above methods and keep the automatic upgrade notification at the bay.


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