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How to delete web history on V20


When you use the internet the sites you visit gets automatically stored on the history and for this you should know how to delete the web history. It is very simple. In the LG V20 you can easily delete the web site. This can be done by following steps:-


Switch on the LG V20 and then move to the android browser that you are using.


Now select the three dot symbol.


A menu will appear after selecting this button. Go to the “Settings” option.


Now you will find a Privacy option and then click on “Delete Personal Data”.



Now a list of web browser history options will appear. Here you will be provided with a lot of options. You can erase the browser history, cache, cookies, and site data. You can also erase your auto fill and password information.



Select the history that you want to delete.



By following the above steps you can delete the web history on your LG V20. Also these could be done in a very short span of time.








Written By: Akeno

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