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How To Create App Folder Google Pixel And Pixel XL

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Underneath we’ll get into a portion of the arrangements that you can use to create App Folder on your Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphone.




Step by step instructions to make another application folder:




Turn on the Pixel or Pixel XL.


Press and hold on an application on the Home screen.


Move the application to the highest point of the screen and move it to the New Folder choice.


Change the name of the New Folder to anything you desire


Select Done on the console.


Move different applications that you need to be a part of this folder by taking after strides 1-5.





The second approach to make application folers on Pixel and Pixel XL is to drag the chosen application over another application that you need to have in the similar folder. Do this same technique with the applications that you need to be in the same folder from each other. After the two applications are put on top of each other, the folder name will show up beneath. When this organizer name shows up, you can relinquish the application and change the name of the folder that you have recently made.




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