Common iOS 7 Problems & Solutions

How To Fix Common iOS 7 Problems & Solutions


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Common iOS 7 Problems & Solutions

Common iOS 7 Problems & Solutions



Movement Problem


A great deal of clients have reported movement problem after the new iOS 7 upgrade. The brilliant symbols, parallax impact, and the zooming moves may bring about unsteadiness or queasiness. There are a couple fixes you can attempt to decrease the issue.







You can go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion.


Ensure that you are utilizing static backdrop and not 3D backdrop, go to Settings > Wallpapers and Brightness and now browse Stills or utilize one of your own photographs you might want as backdrop.


There is a probability that bigger content will alter this issue. You can go to Settings > General > Text Size and build the text dimension.


You can likewise decrease the straightforwardness of your gadget by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Increase Contrast and diminish the straightforwardness of your smartphone.






Speakers Not Working


A few clients have reported issues with the speakers of their Apple gadgets after the iOS 7 upgrade. In some cases they don’t get any sound from the speaker, some of the time the sound is gone while playing media and in some cases it was not working with earphones either. There are several conceivable arrangements which you could attempt.




In the event that you appear to have an issue with your iPad, take a check at flipping the side switch. You can likewise check going to Settings > General > Use Side Switch and check on the off chance that it is quieted.


Look under Settings > General > Accessibility > Mono Audio and ensure it is off.


Hold the Sleep/Wake and the Home keys and reboot your smartphone.


Restoring your smartphone could take care of the issue.


On the off chance that you find that your earphones are working then there could be an issue with the port of your smartphone. Have a go at brushing it tenderly or use packed air to clean it.






Media Controls Are Not Working


Numerous clients have discovered their media controls in the Control Center and on the Lock Screen are not working after the iOS 7 upgrade. Fortunately there is a simple answer for this:




A soft reset ought to tackle this issue, you can hold the Sleep/Wake key till the red “slide to control off” shows up and slide it. Once the gadget is off, essentially turn it on till you see the Apple Logo.






Getting Someone Else’s Messages or Contacts


You may see that subsequent to upgrading your smartphone to iOS 7 you may wind up matching up contacts, or even get messages that have a place with one of your relatives. Presumably on the grounds that you are utilizing the same Apple ID. Your best alternative would be to make another Apple ID for (you will even now have the capacity to share an iTunes account).


You can go to Settings > Messages > Send and Receive and you can choose any number or email that you would prefer not to be share your messages with. You can likewise change your Apple ID here.


For the contact issue its most likely in light of the fact that you are sharing iCloud. Go to Settings > iCloud and pick Delete Account and Keep on My iPhone. Presently utilize your new Apple ID and set up another iCloud account only for your gadget.






Can’t Send Any Text Messages


A few people have reported issues with sending instant messages after the upgrade of iOS 7 on their smartphones.




On the off chance that the issue is in the iMessage then it might be on account of iOS 7 “turn the send as SMS alternative off”. You have to go to Settings > Messages and turn Send as SMS On.
On the off chance that the issue is with sending writings to smartphones other than iPhones, it could be on account of the recipient is still enlisted with Apple, or has another Apple gadget. It might be worth checking in the event that they claimed an iPhone before that they never unregistered, or in the event that they utilized their SIM as a part of an iPhone gadget previously.






Can’t Download App Updates


Numerous clients discovered they couldn’t download any application updates after the installation of iOS 7. There could be numerous applications that show updates are accessible, however they don’t begin upgrading. You could attempt the beneath arrangements.




Go to Settings > iTunes and App Store and tap on your Apple ID and select Sign Out. Double tap the Home keys and swipe to close any hazardous applications that are running, now reboot the iPhone and sign back into iTunes to attempt the update once more.


In the event that this doesn’t work go to Settings > General > Usage and select the issue applications and erase them. Reboot your smartphone and download them once more.






Camera Not Working


A few clients reported that the primary camera of their smartphone continued declining to load; they just got a dark screen. Others are griped that the front-confronting camera was amazingly foggy. This could be a result of an application or it could be an equipment disappointment. This is what you can do.




Close the camera, double tap Home key and swipe the camera application up to close it, now reboot your gadget and have a go at opening the camera application once more.


Presently go to Settings > General > Restrictions and check if the Allow Camera is on.


On the off chance that an application is the reason for issue then evacuating the application may settle your camera. Erase outsider applications each one in turn and afterward reboot the iPhone and now test the camera.






Home Or Sleep/Wake Button Not Responding


Some iPhone clients have found that their gadget’s Home key and their Sleep/Wake key or both are not responsive after the iOS 7 upgrade. It took them a few key presses to enlist and the issue worked flawlessly at times then declined to react. Here are a portion of the conceivable repairs.




You can go to Settings > General > Accessibility and flip Switch Control on and off once more.


Backup your gadget with iCloud and attempt to restore it.


You can have a go at going to an Apple Store if nothing appears to work.






Stuck On The Apple Logo


On the off chance that the product neglects to update effectively then you may confront issue to fire up the gadget, as a rule, what happens is that while restarting the gadget after the update it gets stuck on a clear screen or the Apple Logo.




The conceivable answer for this is interfacing with iTunes and attempting the DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) Mode utilizing the accompanying strides beneath.


Turn off your gadget by squeezing the Sleep key


Open iTunes on your PC or portable PC and connect your gadget


Hold the Sleep/Wake and the Home keys together for a few moments, and afterward let go of the Sleep/Wake key.


Keep on holding the Home key till you see a message on iTunes saying “iTunes has distinguished an iPhone in recuperation mode. You should restore this iPhone before it can be utilized with iTunes.”


Your iPhone screen must be clear; on the off chance that you see an Apple logo or some other message then you are not in DFU mode.


Select iPhone in the left segment of iTunes and snap to choose Summary now Restore.


You may need to install the iOS 7 update once more.






Fast Battery Drain


Clients are discovering that their iPhone tends to deplete more battery power after the upgrade to iOS 7. some of the fixes which can help you spare your battery life.




Take a check at impairing the parallax impact that gives your home screen that 3D look, go to Setting > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion.


Turn off those applications running out of sight by killing the application invigorate for some of your applications by going to Settings > General > Background App Refresh.


Switch off the AirDrop by swiping up from the base of the screen of your gadget and selecting the Control Center.


Switch off any applications that you would prefer not to incorporate, go to Settings > Notification Center.






Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Not Working


Numerous clients have found that the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capacities are not working appropriately after they upgraded to iOS 7.




You ought to attempt and reboot your gadget and your switch.


Numerous individuals have had the bug settled by expelling a punctuation from the iPhone name. In the event that your iPhone is named something like “Subside’s iPhone” then this may work for you. You should simply go to Settings > General > About > Name and change it to a name with no punctuation.


Numerous individuals have succeeded when they killed the Airplane mode ON and after that going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.


You could likewise have a go at handicapping Access on the Lock Screen. Go to Settings > Control Center and cripple Access on Lock Screen, now switch off your iPhone and turn it on once more.


Check if your switch firmware is updated.


Attempt to go down your iPhone information and after that restore it.


In the event that nothing appears to work for you, reach Apple or take your iPhone to a closest Apple Store.






Console Lag


This is an issue for most iPhone 4 proprietors; however there are different clients of various iPhone models who have grumbled about this issue. They have griped about slack with iOS 7 as a rule, with some grave deferrals when writing on the virtual console of the gadget.




There may be a great deal of information stockpiling as messages which may make it substantial for the processor to work particularly after the upgrade to iOS 7. Archives and information are the messages on your smartphone. Go to Settings > General > Usage to check which application utilizes the most space. Messages will be the greatest space safeguards. Go to your messages, take depictions of the photos and messages you need to keep and erase whatever remains of the messages. Presently connect your smartphone to your PC and duplicate them. Presently go to Settings > iCloud and turn Documents and Data off.






ITunes Keeps Crashing


Clients have discovered iTunes Store App to crash at whatever point they attempt to open it.




Snap to open the Music application and snap on Store in the upper left corner. You ought to discover the application now working.


Double tap the Home key on your gadget to open multitasking menu. Close iTunes Store on the off chance that it is recorded beneath. Presently go to Settings > iTunes > App Store and tap on your Apple ID and select Sign Out. Presently Sign in again and open the iTunes Store application. This ought to alter the bug.






FaceTime Or IMessage Not Working


After the iOS7 upgrade numerous clients experienced issues while sending instant messages on iMessage, others couldn’t initiate it. Others griped of that their approaches FaceTime were fizzling.




Turn off FaceTime or iMessage off and afterward turn them on again from the switches in Settings.


Turn off the Cellular Data in Settings > Cellular and ensure you are associated with Wi-Fi, now go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. You will need to set up your system association once more, yet iMessage and FaceTime ought to now work.


In the event that nothing else has worked then backup your gadget information and attempt to restore it.






Screen Freezes


A few clients have grumbled about their screen freezing after the iOS 7 update.




Hold the Sleep/Wake and the Home Buttons together till you see the Apple logo.


Take a check at resetting your smartphone, before that you ought to think about taking as a reinforcement of your smartphone. Presently go to Settings > General > Reset >Erase all Content and Settings, it may incite you for a secret word. This will eradicate every one of your settings however the issue may be altered.






Applications Keep Logging Out


Clients have keep running into issues with applications like Snapchat and Mailbox logging them out. This may be an issue in the iOS 7, the way its experience invigorate works.




You can go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and turn it off for any applications with which you have issues.


This could likewise be the issue of the application, you ought to check for an update for the application. On the off chance that your application is updated you would need to sit tight for quite a while till the designer turns out with another upgrade.






New Mails


Numerous clients found that they had hundreds and at times a large number of new messages subsequent to upgrading to iOS 7. The issue appeared to be normal for Gmail clients, yet it could happen for other email accounts.




Go to your email account on your PC or portable workstation and select every one of your messages and select Mark as Read. Presently do a reversal to your Phone and the tally ought to be diminished radically. It might be speedier to choose all, select Mark as Unread and afterward select all again and snap Mark as Read.


You can likewise choose Edit > Mark All > Mark as Read on your iPhone, however for this answer for work, you will need to download every one of your messages to the iPhone first and after that continue with the fix, this could take some time.






IPhone Won’t Turn On


A few people grumbled that their iPhone did not turn on after the iOS 7 upgrade and stopping it to its charger did not appear to have any impact and sometimes, the gadget was not perceived while associating it to a PC and interfacing with iTunes.




If you don’t mind ensure that you utilize an Apple link as it were. Apple is dealing with blocking outsider chargers and links by including an authenticator chip in its official links.


Take a check at holding the Sleep/Wake and the Home keys together for a few moments.


Charge your smartphone for two or three hours before you attempt the Sleep/Wake and Home key once more.


Attempt DFU mode, we talked about it before in the issue when the Apple logo was trapped.


On the off chance that none of these strides work for you then you ought to contact Apple or take your smartphone to the closest Apple Store.






The Ringer Volume Is Too low


Numerous clients reported that the ringer volume of their gadget was much lower after they updated to iOS 7 and that made them miss their approaching calls. There are a couple of things that appear to have worked for a few people.




Make your very own ringtone utilizing a melody and take a check at turning the volume up.


You can go to Settings > Sounds and afterward flip Change with Buttons, then take a check at utilizing your volume rocker.


Go to Settings > Music and turn Sound Check off.


iOS 7 is stacked with elements and a couple bugs shouldn’t debilitate you from updating as we as of now have fixes for you. On the off chance that nothing appears to work reach Apple or visit the closest Apple Store.



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