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Apple continues to release iOS 10 beta versions to developers and public beta testers, ahead of the final iOS 10 release expected in September. There are a decent number of updates and changes, the main ones focusing on Message app, a new lockscreen, a massive Siri update, and emphasis on the notifications and widgets. In this article, we focus on all the reasons why you will love iOS 10.






1. Siri Now Works With Apps


Siri is integrated with all your favorite apps from App Store. This will have a great impact on how you use your iPhone. Once the final iOS 10 hits the public and the relevant apps updated, you’ll be able to send money to anyone with Square, send messages with any messaging app, make calls with VoIP app, book a ride through Lyft, and do so much more with the help of Siri.






2. Phone Apps Extensions


Developers can build extensions for the Phone app. For example, if we chat build their extension, you’ll simply need to long press on the specific apps “Messages app” icon, select “WeChat” and then set it as your default messaging protocol with your contacts.






3. Great Lockscreen


The lockscreen is completely redesigned with rich notifications that display tiny live widgets. You can also preview videos, photos and respond to a message right in the notifications, without opening the specific apps. Developers can also build interactive widgets for 3DTouch shortcuts and notifications.






4. Huge Photos App Update


Your photos represent your favorite moments and memories. The updated photos app enables you to rediscover your favorite moments and even create movies out of them. It supports face recognition and allows you to search for specific photos by things or people in them such as a beach, a puppy and more.






5. Search Along Your Route with the Updated Maps


The maps app is receiving extensions for various apps, including ride-hailing apps, booking apps, and restaurant recommendation apps. It make’s proactive suggestions on where you are likely to go, as well as the fastest way to get there. You’ll be able to locate what’s around the corner and find the closest places for gas, coffee, food and more. The maps also determine and show “how much extra time” it will take you to arrive at these locations. Furthermore, you can book a table through apps like OpenTable and a ride with Uber, all within Maps.






6. Messages App


Apple has added amazing features to the Message app. It supports contextual prediction, meaning that, when you type words like “I’m available at,” the free time scheduled in your calendar automatically pops up as an option. You can type in two languages at the same time, without switching between keyboards and even send messages in your own handwriting. You will also be able to;


• Send messages or photos that remain hidden, and then simply swipe to reveal them.


• Tap to send one out of the six quick responses that let your friends and loved ones know what you are thinking.


• Celebrate by saying words like “Congratulations” and “Happy Birthday” with animations that cover the entire screen.


• Add a personal touch by sending fireballs, sketches, heartbeats and more. You can also draw over videos.


• You can swap your Words with emoji with just a tap since iOS 10 predicts emoji based on words.


• Access your favorite apps within the Messages app. Once you update to iOS 10, you’ll be able to make payments, create or share content, and do so much more without leaving “Messages.”






Other iOS 10 Features


• You simply need to pick up and raise your iPhone to wake it up.


• The beautiful News app is redesigned to enable you find stories that matter to you most in distinct sections.


• Weather predictions can be accessed within the apps map.


• Online shopping is now faster, safer and more private. You can just browse and then make payments in your browser with Apple Pay.


• Use 3D Touch in apps like Socks, Weather, and Calendar and view the information you need at a glance.


• The new Home app allows you to unlock doors, turn on the lights and raise window shades according to your preference or all at once if you like.


• Messages app automatically fetch a preview of links you send or receive.



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