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IOS 9.3 Problems And Solutions

        Written By: Akeno The clients of iOS gadgets confronted a great deal of issues after the iOS 9.3 upgrade; So here are few approaches to settle the issues that you may confront while utilizing the iOS 9.3.

Common iOS 7 Problems & Solutions

      Written By: Akeno         Movement Problem   A great deal of clients have reported movement problem after the new iOS 7 upgrade. The brilliant symbols, parallax impact, and the zooming moves may bring about unsteadiness or queasiness. There are a couple fixes you can attempt to decrease the issue.

iPhone Is Stuck On Verifying Updates

        IOS 9 Problems & Fixes, Issue: iPhone Is Stuck On Verifying Updates written by: Marcelo Faria         One common problem IOS users are facing is getting their iPhone screen stuck with the “Verifying update” massage, after trying to upgrade to IOS 9.       How to Fix This Read More …

How To Enable “Hey Siri” On IOS 9

      How To Enable “Hey Siri” On IOS 9 written by: Neeraj Chand The ‘Hey Siri’ Feature:   One of the features available on IOS 9 is a hands free mode that allows Siri to be activated using voice commands. After ensuring that the IOS 9 is plugged into a power source, you simply Read More …

Solve Common IOS 9 Bugs

      SIMPLE WAYS TO SOLVE COMMON IOS 9 BUGS written by: Olayinka Lawal   The IOS 9 upgrade didn’t come without several bugs that will demand fixing and adjustment from time to time. Many people have sent us complaints about bugs they discovered after upgrading to the IOS 9 operating system. Here are some Read More …

Common iOS 9 Problems and Solutions (Update)

      IOS 9 UPGRADE ISSUES AND THEIR QUICK FIXES written by: Olayinka Lawal   The IOS 9 upgrade was designed to improve the overall user experience on the IOS platform. Unfortunately, the upgrade came with some positive changes but it had some pitfalls which quite a number of IOS users have been complaining about. Read More …